Why did I start all my side hustles?

I recently was asked by one of my favorite yoga teachers why I started this blog and all my side hustles in 2020. It was such a lengthy discussion, I figured I would pour it out in this blog to give my followers more of what makes me tick! Almost a year ago….. the globalContinue reading “Why did I start all my side hustles?”

My Journey using a FasciaBlaster

Part 4 – I thought I was done and realized there is so much more to tell you! In the previous 3 parts I failed to mention ALL the products that are available now in addition to FasciaYoga! As I mentioned previously, when I started over 4 years ago, there was 2 blasters the originalContinue reading “My Journey using a FasciaBlaster”

My Journey using a Fasciablaster

Part 3 – More Products, more blasting, seeing results and becoming a #Motivator! After the NY trip, the coveted FaceBlaster arrived! This was a huge gamechanger! This tiny blaster with its tiny blaster claws was the perfect fit for the shower and to not just use on your face and neck, but everywhere! At thisContinue reading “My Journey using a Fasciablaster”

My Journey using a FasciaBlaster

Part 2 – Becoming a lifestyle and the exciting NY trip that followed After using the Fasciablaster for about 6 months, a couple of new tools were coming out! The FaceBlaster and the Mini1. The FaceBlaster was a small clawed tool for the more delicate tissue in the face and neck. I remember you hadContinue reading “My Journey using a FasciaBlaster”