Why did I start all my side hustles?

I recently was asked by one of my favorite yoga teachers why I started this blog and all my side hustles in 2020. It was such a lengthy discussion, I figured I would pour it out in this blog to give my followers more of what makes me tick!

Almost a year ago….. the global pandemic happened. I was extremely concerned about my financial position because lets face it….none of us expected the entire world and economy to shut down! My husband and I own an auto repair shop that was allowed to stay open due to the pandemic, but had zero customers because everyone was at home and not going anywhere. Money was tight and I decided I never wanted to feel this way again so I was going to figure out how to make money at home! I also decided I wanted to come out of this pandemic as a goddess because I had already been at my heaviest and seeing positive effects of working out, eating better and blasting. I just didn’t want to lose the gains I had main. I looked on my personal health journey over the last 4 years and realized how I was able to loose the weight and keep adding more healthy habits to my life and make it look effortless. I wanted to help people do the same. I created Change Your Lifestyle Tips website, blog, social media, and became a certified Wellness Coach. I started researching how to make money on YouTube, looked up ways to become a brand ambassador for fitness stuff in hopes to get some free clothes or something. I landed on an ad in Instagram to be a Fitness Influencer. I figured, I have been working out like crazy, I can do that too! This ad turned out to be a Beachbody Coach two towns over from me! I really connected with her when we would speak about the opportunity. I really was not interested in doing it as all I could think of was “its that Shake company”. I continued to speak to her for a few weeks and realized that what she was doing daily was truly what I wanted to do with Change Your Lifestyle Tips and it really had nothing to do with Shakeology! Beachbody provides all the things that make a healthy lifestyle successful (inexpensive workout videos you can do anywhere that get you amazing results, nutrition programs, workout supplements, vitamins, meal plans and so many other healthy things people should be adding to their life). It involved positing stories on social media which I had never done before. My first home workout was yoga. I posted pics of me working out and got my first customer that day! This is why I post my day in my stories on Instagram and Facebook (mostly Instagram) . People are watching and it really motivates them to see how others are making daily healthy habits and being consistent. I now have 10 customers. It does not seem like a lot but I have only been doing this since July 2020. Those 10 customers are doing amazing and it feels great to help people be healthier and happier. Beachbody has changed so many lives. If you want more info on what it can do for you, please reach out to me as I would love to help you!

About 3 months into this journey, I got introduced to Savvi! If you follow me you KNOW how much fun I am having with this company! Savvi is a premium Athleisure wear line that is the same quality as Lululemon, but less expensive. They pay you to just wear and share the clothes! There is a Fashion Friday every week and they drop new items! Its so much fun to shop with your friends and team each week! All I do is buy clothes, wear them and post on social media. People stop me and ask where I got my outfit! Then I send them to my own Savvi Website and when they shop, I get a commission. Simple! Savvi comes with an unbelievable community of women who are so inspiring, empowering and positive. My team is called the Dream Tribe. We truly have been making dreams come true just by shopping! Many of my new Savvi friends have been making life changing income and the company is only a year old! I have 4 fabulous women on my team so far and about 30 customers! We are growing by leaps and bounds! For me doing Beachbody and Savvi together just makes sense because I am working out daily, wearing fabulous workout clothes and I am helping people be better, feel better with one and helping people gain financial freedom (goals) with the other.

If you are interested in hearing more about Savvi, please contact me and I am happy to share. You can also check out the clothes on my Savvi website at http://www.savvi.com/mantra

If you see something you like, be sure to use Share25 at checkout to save $25.00 off your first order!

Even though as I type this the pandemic is far from gone, the economy is opening back up, some people are able to go back to work and we are trying to live in a new normal. I am so happy that I found a community of positive, amazing women in both Savvi and Beachbody to get me through this crazy time.

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