My Journey using a FasciaBlaster

Part 4 – I thought I was done and realized there is so much more to tell you!

In the previous 3 parts I failed to mention ALL the products that are available now in addition to FasciaYoga!

As I mentioned previously, when I started over 4 years ago, there was 2 blasters the original and the mini2. I want to list all of them here and tell you how and why I love each one! They are not order of creation, but I will try to keep them organized. I will also attached a link below so you can check out the website and purchase some if you want to through my Affiliate link!

Original Blaster – This has 4 large claws and two handles. Great for any body part (except face), but my favorite place to use it is my legs.

Party Blaster – Exactly the same thing as the Original Blaster but its pretty!

Big Daddy – Same as Original, but it has 6 large claws! Its great because the extra claws make it longer and you can reach your back really well, especially if you have short limbs like me and have limited mobility. I love this for my back!

Mini1 – 1 large claw with a handle and a nugget on the end. This is genius because it allows to get certain areas with ease. I love the Mini1 for my calves, ankles arms, back of neck, shoulders, upper traps and head! The nugget on the end is a bonus in case you have a spot where your fascia has formed an adhesion and you really want to try to break it up a bit. Fits fabulous in the shower.

Mini2 – 2 large claws and a different size nugget on each end. This is another one of my faves as it also fits great in the shower. I love this for my head, belly, upper legs, booty and arms. Again, you can use the nugget to break up any adhesions you have going on under your skin.

FaceBlaster – 3 small claws that are made for the delicate skin on the face and neck! I keep one in the shower and blast my face and neck for a few minutes a couple of times a week! It is also amazing on EVERY INCH OF YOUR BODY! I use the FaceBlaster as a prep tool (use before a big claw) on arms, legs, & belly. I love it for my hands and feet and to get into those small areas around the top of hands and feet as well as knees and ankle areas too! If you were to only buy one blaster, this is the one to get since you can do your entire body with it! This also helps with wrinkles, jowels, sagging skin and helps produce collagen!

MasterBlaster – My FAVE! This is the same length of the original, but it has a row of small claws (9 total). It is very light weight and I love using it on my arms, legs, hips and belly.

PaddleBlaster – I will admit, when they came out with this one I had no desire to get it. It was huge, looked ridiculous to me and I just couldn’t do it. It has 36 small claws!! The testers started showing their secrets and I was hooked and “needed” one! I do love my paddle now but it is a heavy tool! You cannot really use it with one hand. But it is a beast at attacking cellulite and bad fascia on the upper legs, belly, booty and back! You can use the weight as leverage to really get in a good blast and its great on the back because its long like the Big Daddy so you can reach your own back! Its way too big for the shower but really is a great tool!

Mini PaddleBlaster – By popular demand, our Blastersisters spoke up when they couldn’t handle the weight of the paddle, they asked for a small one that could be used with one hand. We got it! This has 9 small claws on it and one handle with a flusher on the end! Its weigh is perfect and you can really get in there with this smaller version. I love it on my arms, belly, hips and legs.

Extenders – These were made by demand too as our Blastersisters are innovative! We used to go to Home Depot and find electrical piping to attach to the end of the blaster so we could get our back or get more leverage! I love these things! I use mostly for my back and the back of my legs! Give it a try, I think you will like how you can reach more places with these extenders!

Oils and Creams – These are a must! But please do not use in the shower as it will get slippery! I use when I sauna blast, or when I am simply sitting on the couch watching tv and blasting. Many of our sisters use them together as a daily moisturizing lotion! It has a distinctive amazing smell. It reminds me of the beach.

Yoga Ball – Peanut shaped ball that you blow up and use with the Fascia Yoga App! I have been a Yogi for years and these techniques with this ball really do get into the fascia and help loosen up and make you feel like a new person! It is hard to explain, but you can download the FasciaYoga app and see for your self!

Kyro Packs – I was certainly never interested in these! I hate to be cold! But they asked me to test them and I did even though I really didn’t want to do it! Turns out they aren’t so cold that it makes you miserable like a cold New England day! I kept mine in the freezer and put on after a Blast. I saw such amazing results after using the Kryo packs! I tested these recently and really could not believe how much of a difference these made! If you were on the fence about it……I would buy a couple and make sure you take before and after photos! You will be amazed!

Okay, I think I have said enough about this amazing part of my life! If you have any questions feel free to contact me! I am happy to share more!

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