My Journey using a FasciaBlaster

Part 2 – Becoming a lifestyle and the exciting NY trip that followed

After using the Fasciablaster for about 6 months, a couple of new tools were coming out! The FaceBlaster and the Mini1. The FaceBlaster was a small clawed tool for the more delicate tissue in the face and neck. I remember you had to get on a waitlist in order to be able to get in line to buy this and the list was HUGE! I think we waited months for it. In the meantime, I continued my weekly full body blasts and tried to blast in the shower a couple of times a week. I became addicted to the private group as I was learning so much, and the women in there were so inspiring! At the time, this was the only place to go to get information. There was no book, or blog and the website was not as sophisticated as it is now! I started to make small changes in what I was eating, started to have more of a desire to workout again and dabbled in it a bit more than I had been.

Ashley then write a book called “Its Not Fat, its Fascia”. This was going to be a long awaited fasciablasting bible! The blaster sisters in the group pre-ordered so many of these books before it was even published that it became a NY Times #1 Best Seller before it was even produced! When the books were created and shipped out there were book tours being planned. The very first one was in NY and you had to get personally invited in the group as the venue could only hold so many people. I WAS ONE OF THE LUCKY ONES INVITED! I could not believe my luck! I dreamed of meeting Ashley Black and absorbing everything I could from her and her company as I was 100% obsessed with this plastic stick and all it was doing for me personally!

My auntie, who I was determined to get started on blasting was planning on coming to NY with me to the event! I cannot express my excitement! I planned on telling my auntie all about the amazingness of these tools during the car ride to NY. Then auntie got a bad cold and could not make it. I was not going to let that deter me! There were blaster sisters going alone, hitching rides and meetups with other blaster sisters on the page. I knew I would find friends once I got there so I didn’t mind going alone. However, my husband was not having any of that! He decided to make a road trip out of it for us! We drove to NY, planned a fun weekend in town and he didn’t mind staying in the hotel room while I fangirled downstairs at the event! Our hotel room window was across from Ashley’s suite where I could see her and all of the crew getting their hair and make up done for the event! I got ready, went downstairs my myself to a long line of excited women where I immediately started making friends! I met so many amazing people that night and to this day 4.5 years later, I still chat with some of them on Facebook!

I remember as the night was coming close to an end, I still had not met Ashley yet. And that is all I really wanted. I had the correct color wrist band that allowed me to get my book signed but I couldn’t figure out how to get to her. Once of the lovelies had just gotten back from meeting her and was just filled with so much excitement! I expressed my sadness and she piped up and said…..Let go! I will take you to Ashley! We ran out of the event room, I passed my poor husband who was sitting at the chairs in the lobby patiently waiting for me so we could go grab a bite and told him I’d be right back! My new friend Marge, ran over to one of the #Motivators and asked how I could get up to Ashley’s Suite to get my book signed. #MotivatorSherryD found Ashley’s sister Olivia Henry, who excitedly grabbed my hand, took me to a private elevator and brought me to the suite where Ashley was signing books! Olivia became my hero that night and forever in my heart for her call to action that day! I still look at my pics and remember how happy and excited I was while waiting in line to meet Ashley and Joanna Hunt, the co-writer! I was jumping up and down the entire time until I reached the front of the line! I will post some of my favorite pics from that night below and you can clearly see the excitement on my face when I met Ashley!

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