Welcome! I’m Tabatha!

I am a foodie, yoga lover, fitness enthusiast, newly plant based eater and have always been intrigued by health, wellness and the anatomy of the human body. I have spent most of my life trying to excite everyone I know to become better versions of themselves and decided to get out there in the world to help even more people!

I am married to an amazing man who allows me to be me and accepts and encourages all the unique things that make me tick! He is always willing to listen, try new things and travel down the rabbit hole with me no matter how weird it may seem to him and others. I have 2 adult step children, 2 cats (one who is the alpha male of our house and the other is a normal cat with some hygiene issues) and the best rescue dog in the world named Bruno!

I started this journey because at one point in my life while the kids were young, I seemed to have lost myself. I stopped working out, gained some pounds and wasn’t happy with myself anymore. I still loved life, enjoyed my family and friends and career but unhappy with what I let myself turn into over the years. I had zero energy, ate too much and over indulged in dessert. When the kids were old enough to drive themselves everywhere, I found that I had more time on my hands and decided to take back life by putting myself first again. I also noticed my husband was gaining weight, tired, lethargic and not feeling quite himself either. I decided to make some changes for us and thankfully he was on board too. About 3 years ago, we started a Keto Diet (this was way before Keto got popular and commercialized like it is today). We basically stopped eating bread, pasta and much less sugar. We both immediately began to feel better! We had energy, were not lethargic and felt normal again! We joined a HIIT gym called Orangetheory Fitness. If you have never tried this gym before, I highly recommend it! Its the hardest thing you will do yet love at the same time. We started out by only going 2x per week. We did this for about a year. Then I started adding to my workouts. I started doing Pilates, Yoga, using an infrared sauna and Fasciablasting. I also started juicing vegetables, meditating, using crystals & essential oils and even became a Yin Yoga Instructor! I am also a certified Wellness Coach and a Fitness Influencer/ Fitness Coach. I am also a paid Ashley Black Affiliate because I believe in her products so much! I have a fun side hustle called SAVVI where I am teamed up with the most amazing women ever! Read more about this company in the SAVVI Dream Tribe section of my website.

To make a long story short, I learned so many things on this 3 year journey that I feel the need to share with anyone who is feeling tired, has low energy, and needs motivation to make lifestyle changes. I learned that by making small daily goals is such a positive, easy way to get yourself to do what makes you happy and become the best version of yourself!

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